Spreading faith and love through knowledge


The DotOrg team were back at spreading love and joy with their innovative and creative ways this time at Christ Faith Home. Our loving team was more than happy to be back in action at spreading education.

The team consisted of members from DotOrg itself and them being Prakhar Raj, Shaalini, Rishav and Sameer. The volunteers first made themselves comfortable with the kids and made sure that they didn’t feel different. The children were instantly in love with the volunteers and thus on a very happy note the event started from 5:30pm. The kids were educated on very basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Then the more complicated algebra and geometry was taught later to make sure the students understood and learnt all the things and made sure they stayed in the minds. Then general knowledge information like facts about the Republic Day, Independence Day and all were taught to the children. They came to know also some Interesting facts about our country, the world and also the government.
Then the team also taught them about some of the greatest leaders of our times like APJ Abdul Kalam and other eminent personalities. The students the proceeded to learn inspiring quotes also from English and Tamil literature. On the whole it was a very comprehensive and enhancing learning experience for the students and they thanked the instructors for their dedication and thus on a very happy note the session ended at 7pm.

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