6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Org’s Notebooks

Notebooks and papers have changed history. Changed lives. Take Annie Frank for instance, would she have ever thought that her diary would become one of her best friends in times of war? What would have our childhood been like without the magical world of the Harry Potter series? Likewise said, we don’t know if our notebooks would change your lives but they sure can change the way you take notes this semester and here’s why:

1. It’s not just for the students, but by the students too

DotOrg is nothing but a team of ecstatic students who just happen to just love art and being creative! So, as one among you, we know exactly what the current generation student wants. Here’s presenting to you notebooks designed by the students,and for the students, with love.

2. Cause we love Cheap Thrills..

yeah, now get better results at the same price! For 22 get a 10.5 X 8 inches notebook having a ninety six pages that are a canvas to your imagination. What will be the paper quality you ask? Don’t worry, mate! We won’t disappoint you!

Not enough? Well think again because we also do door deliveries (conditions applied though)

3. It is widely regarded that the pen is mightier than keypad.

Yes, yes this is tech driven century and we have easy solutions to save our notes. But trust us when we say nothing beats the smell between the pages of the notebook, the sound of turning pages and the touch and feel of our own handwriting. Practicing in a notebook retains longer in our brains. So let’s do this the old school way this semester.

4. You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero

Help a person in need and you are a super hero for them. It’s as simple as that. Now you are actually buying notebooks for a cause. Some profit from these notebooks benefits some orphanages. So, do your bit buying one. There’s also the back covers of the notebooks designed to have our superheroes we grew up seeing. If you are a fan, then this is one of the must-haves.

5. When the lecture gets too boring , bring out the Picasso and Shakespeare in you.

When fuzzy logics , theory of communication, machines and structure of who-knows-what, becomes too boring just turn to your notebooks and start doodling, writing, playing hangman or have an offline chat. Boredom is a sin so start having fun and kill the boring lecture.

6. College is too much fun to carry boring notebooks.

One of our best parts of our life is college. Live it to the fullest. As we revive the fashion statements of our celebs to everyday college, let’s revive the art through DotOrg notebooks. Extend the trend to notebooks and let’s take notes in style this semester.

So,this new semester, let’s make new friends with our notebooks and let us each lend a hand to #reviveTheArt!

Book your notebooks now! 


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