Bringing younger minds closer to technology



Once again, the DotOrg team were in full swing spreading their efforts of making the world technologically and artistically forward, and this time the fever hit the town of Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. The event was conducted in two schools,Delhi Public School, Rajnandgaon on Day 1 and Government Public School, Bori,Rajnandgaon on Day 2. The sessions basically involved the introduction of DotOrg and the basics of Web.da739191-d202-49f4-8724-61fef1695b1d



On the first day, the event began on time at 9:30 am. First, the children introduced themselves which was followed by the introduction of Sukrit Sarkar, the President of DotOrg and also a close aide and well-wisher of the campaign Ananya Mahakalkar. Then, our President spoke about our campaign, DotOrg and what we do and this was followed by the introduction of the students to the concept of the World Wide Web. The students were given a first-hand information as to what is a website and were also taught about the various different type of browsers. The basic website building codes such as HTML, and CSS was taught to the children in a gist. Then the children also learnt about what is a domain name and how powerful it is. The children were very enthusiastic and responsive and this caused the session to proceed very smoothly and thus also helped the children to learn a lot of new things about the Web and the Internet.


The second session which took place at the Government Public School, Bori, Rajnandgaon, was all about fun with art. As we say, not all things are about the Internet and also that without creativity nothing in this world can be ever made beautiful, and so the children had a fun video making session followed by a greeting card making competition.


The children were very happy with their newfound knowledge and were happy that this was a very fun-filled and informative session.


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