Web and Computer Gyaan for the Kids


Once again, the DotOrg team were on their job of spreading love, knowledge and art to the children in the lovely Barrackpore, Kolkata. This session was also conducted in collaboration with some speakers from the Adore India NGO. The event, held in Udayan Foundation was a 2-hour session which started at 11:30 am. This session was also about the basics of computer and also about how the web works.
The session began with the kids introducing themselves followed by our instructors Ritika Adhikary, Soutrik Das from DotOrg and Rishav Pandey and Rohit from the Adore India Team. This was followed by the starting of the session which involved them learning about the basic input and output devices of a computer.



This was followed by them learning the basic Microsoft features such as MS-Paint, PowerPoint etc. The kids were all excited and geared up for the next session which consisted about the information regarding the Web.img_20161208_123556891_hdr

They got a short introduction to the web, followed by the largest search engine in the world, Google and finally were taught about what and how does YouTube work and the session ended by the students learning about Facebook. The students were very energetic and responsive throughout the whole session which was very helpful for the instructors to teach and make the kids enjoy the session. The kids were happy that they got to learn so much and thanked the team of instructors wholeheartedly. The session ended on a very happy and joyous note.img_20161208_132532