A mysterious yet innovative new world through IoT & Cybercrime





The DotOrg team was back again but this time in the industrial city of Noida to spread the knowledge and educate the children about what cyber crimes take place and what is IoT. The event was conducted in the Indus Valley School for over 100+ attendees by Mugdha, representing DotOrg. The event scheduled to take place by 9:00 am .

First, the children were cross-questioned to know about their knowledge about the types of crimes and were given a detailed explanation as to what cyber crime is. This was followed by the instructors giving the students innovative and effective ways to tackle cyber crime and how to protect themselves and their data from other external dangers. The students were very responsive and this helped the instructors to tailor their information so as to suit the needs of the children.

Then later on the children were taught about what IoT(Internet of Things) was. The children were amazed as well as fascinated by the IoT and some of the children even came forward and had their hands-on experience. The children were very happy that they got to learn something new and also vouched that they shall maintain their safety whilst browsing the web. They were exhilarated at the new possibilities the world of IoT had to offer them. The crew consisted of Mugdha, Sania, Shubham, Kartikay and  Sangeetha. Topics of VR and Cyber security were also covered. Though it was a short session yet many of the students were very happy that they had got to learn something new that is not always taught in class to them, and were spurred on to learn more.