Spreading faith and love through knowledge


The DotOrg team were back at spreading love and joy with their innovative and creative ways this time at Christ Faith Home. Our loving team was more than happy to be back in action at spreading education.

The team consisted of members from DotOrg itself and them being Prakhar Raj, Shaalini, Rishav and Sameer. The volunteers first made themselves comfortable with the kids and made sure that they didn’t feel different. The children were instantly in love with the volunteers and thus on a very happy note the event started from 5:30pm. The kids were educated on very basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Then the more complicated algebra and geometry was taught later to make sure the students understood and learnt all the things and made sure they stayed in the minds. Then general knowledge information like facts about the Republic Day, Independence Day and all were taught to the children. They came to know also some Interesting facts about our country, the world and also the government.
Then the team also taught them about some of the greatest leaders of our times like APJ Abdul Kalam and other eminent personalities. The students the proceeded to learn inspiring quotes also from English and Tamil literature. On the whole it was a very comprehensive and enhancing learning experience for the students and they thanked the instructors for their dedication and thus on a very happy note the session ended at 7pm.



Noida, 7th January 2017.


The DotOrg team began the new year weekend with conducting an event for the children at Darsan Deep Public School, Noida. This event was conducted to give a basic awareness to the children about what the internet was and also a small card making competition to make sure the creativity wasn’t lost within the young minds of the kids.
The children were made to introduce themselves and also the volunteers introduced themselves to the students. The session began with the instructors ( Mugdha, Medha, and Ojas) asking questions about the internet and various technologies to make sure they understood the understanding level of the students. Then, the volunteers began by introducing the kids to the concept of the internet in all its glory.

Then, the students were taught about social media and its impact in the current world. They were able to use Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram for some time. The kids were happy and elated to discover the joys and wonders of the internet and were also happy to see their favourite movie stars on social media.


Finally, to make sure the creative streak stuck to the children, there was a card making competition held for the children and they were very involved in this activity and made some very interesting designs. On the whole, the kids had an informative yet creative start to the year and they wholeheartedly thanked team DotOrg for the workshop.

What is #reviveTheArt ?

Anyone who has an access to the social media in our college, by now would have heard some buzz going around about something called reviving the art.

What is #reviveTheArt all about??

#reviveTheArt is a small initiative taken by students just like you to give the recognition and credit to the artists for their marvelous creations that usually goes unnoticed by a majority of people, because the breathtaking paintings that they design, never see the light of the day!
But, how are we doing it, must be what you all are probably thinking about right now.
It’s simple. We are doing it by bringing their creations to everyone’s notice by printing it on the covers of one thing that is very dear to all the students. Their notebooks.

Our notebooks aren’t just like any other ones.
They are special because everything about it, from the painting on the cover to the minute details in the back, is designed with utmost dedication, care and most importantly, love.
One of the two designs,”Sky is the limit”, is a painting made by children in an orphanage that we teach in, and you can trust us on this when we say that there is no scale on this beautiful earth that can measure the sheer joy those children felt when they held colors for the first time in their entire lives. And we truly feel that that is something worth sharing with all of you.

We sincerely hope that you all too, just like us, would appreciate their efforts, and give the credits where they are due.
Remember, no artwork is ordinary as each one of them have a special story to tell. You just have to care enough to listen to it.


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